Investor Information2

Table of Contents, 4pp, pdf.

A Quick Look At The Project, 2pp, pdf.

Executive Summary, 18pp, pdf.

Introduction to Financial Projections, 3pp, pdf.

Business Model, 2pp, pdf.

Five-Year Profit and Loss Projections, 5pp, pdf.

ProgenyLink Technical Overview, 14pp, pdf.

The Mathematics of Genealogy Cooperation, 4pp, pdf.

ProgenyLink Software Function Layers, 3pp, pdf.

ProgenyLink PowerPoint Presentation, 17pp, pdf.

Process View of Invention, 1pp, doublewide, pdf.

Kent Huff Resume, 2pp, pdf.

Genealogy Patent, 2014, 56pp, pdf.

Genealogy Patent, 2004, 24p, pdf.