Investor Information

Requests for Funding

Application to Utah Angels-2, 20pp, pdf.
Harvest US genealogical data for a $3 billion profit.

30-Second Summary of Project, 2pp, pdf.
A 40-times return on investment is likely.

General Summary of ProgenyLink Concepts, 38pp, pdf.
Improve overall productivity 100 to 1000 times through specialization and cooperation.

Another Financially-Focused Treatment of ProgenyLink Project, 43pp, pdf.
Resetting the "build" or "buy" decision in genealogy research to make "buy" the new standard choice in this $84 billion industry.


Book 1 -- Project Level Information


1. A New Genealogy Product, 2pp, pdf.
The genealogy data from the past 400 years is easily accessible and is nearly free. It can be quickly compiled into finished, high-quality form and marketed to genealogy hobbyists as part of the $84 billion annual world market in genealogy data and services.

2. Investors Strategic View of ProgenyLink Project, 8pp, pdf.
Investors can profit from genealogy industry technical improvements. This 8-page document provides a brief strategic overview for investors, showing the multi-billion-dollar profits available to those willing to fund the reengineering of important parts of the genealogy industry. Using industrial methods will lower the cost of the highest quality names by a factor of 100, and let investors pocket a big part of the difference.

3. What is the Genealogy Industry Problem That Needs Solving?, 22pp, pdf.
The sleepy genealogy industry has been doing things the same old way for hundreds of years. In recent decades it has made notable strides in making obscure "raw" public records available instantly online. However, it has yet to seriously tackle the more challenging and extremely valuable process of assembling names into finished families quickly and accurately. Highly efficient tools and procedures are now available to balance and complete the industry's activities.

4. Feature List, 16pp, pdf.
The website supplies the expected mechanisms for entering individuals, connecting them into families, and adding multimedia source documents and other information. It then goes on to the larger part of the website functions which deal with cooperation among researchers on many levels. These "industrial strength" cooperation mechanisms provide the "magic" needed to quickly and accurately complete the final assembly of genealogical data for entire nations.

5. Finish U.S. In Two Weeks, 4pp, pdf.
This four-page document briefly describes the "mathematics of genealogy" which make the traditional name assembly process up to 1000 times faster. If 4 million US genealogists would participate by each entering 18 unique names, the entire 70 million names of those who died in United States before 1930 could be completed within two weeks.

6. Doing Genealogy The Henry Ford Way, 82pp, pdf.
This book describes the theory underlying the project. The 6 major problems within today's genealogy industry, and their solutions, are described and discussed.

7. It's All About The Numbers For Genealogy, 6pp, pdf.
This document summarizes the total genealogy documents in the world, how many have been collected, and how many are currently accessible online. After the hundreds of billions of dollars in preparatory work completed over the past 400 years, all that remains to be done is to assemble the names quickly and accurately into families. It is only a little bit more difficult than creating a nationwide phone book, and profits could be available within a year or two.

8. Doing Good and Making Money, 5pp, pdf
This genealogy project and its proposed reengineering of the genealogy system industry would be of great benefit to the LDS Church which plays such an important role in the genealogy industry, but it could also be done well and profitably by a private company.

General System Descriptions

9. System Diagram, 1p, pdf.
10. Descendent Database Diagram, 1p, pdf.
11. Software Function Layers, 3pp, pdf.
12. ProgenyLink Genealogy Conference Flyer, 2pp, pdf.
13. ProgenyLink Software Users Guide, 29pp, pdf.

Sample Outputs and Results

14. Linford Family Photos and Documents, 6pp, pdf.
Samples of photos and source documents associated with the Linford family. All these materials came from the system.

15. Linford Online Screens, 18pp, pdf.
Linford family data as it appears in the online database.

Sample Inputs

16. Input Samples from Books and Websites, 8pp, pdf.
17. Linford GEDCOM work papers, 14pp, pdf.


18. 2004 Patent, Genealogy Registry System, 24pp, pdf.
19. 2012 Patent, Efficient Genealogy Registry System, 57pp, pdf.

Book 2 -- Computer System Design Level Information
Book 3 -- Programming Level Information